Debra Martin

Debra Martin’s natural gift of clairvoyance first occurred when she was an adolescent. Though Debra certainly did not comprehend the magnitude of her gift, her ability to communicate with the spirit world was evolving. Once an adult, and with the encouragement of researchers Drs. Julie Beischel and Gary Schwartz, Debra emerged as a much- respected Medium.
Debra is a Certified Research Medium with the Windbridge Research Center where she participates in afterlife research performed by Windbridge Director of Research Dr. Julie Beischel. She was a Lab Certified Medium with The Forever Family Foundation from 2008 to 2015, and she has participated in research with the groundbreaking VERITAS Research Program. Susanne Wilsonhas described the work of Debra Martin as “a gold standard in evidential and healing mediumship.” Debra offers readings and healings in person and by phone. 
Debra will be a panelist at Psychic Vibes Night with George Noory and special guests on Friday evening, September 13th. This optional event, open to the public, is only $22, benefits AREI, and includes readings at random for the audience from Mark Christopher Nelson and Candice Parisi. Seating is limited. Get your Psychic Vibes Night tickets here!