Mark Ireland

Mark is the son of Dr. Richard Ireland, a renowned mid-twentieth-century psychic-medium who counseled celebrities such as Mae West and possibly one or more US Presidents. While he honored his father’s memory, Mark’s own path took a more conventional trajectory until the passing of his son. A business executive turned author, Mark Ireland has engaged in “consciousness survival” research experiments, collaborating with respected scientists such as Tricia J. Robertson of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research and systems theorist Dr. Don Watson, developer of TES (Theory of Enformed Systems). Mark is also the co-founder of Helping Parents Heal, a rapidly-growing organization that assists bereaved parents.

Ireland contributed an essay to medium Allison Dubois’s best-selling We Are Their Heaven. Other projects include the previously unpublished Your Psychic Potential: a Guide to Psychic Development, authored by his father, Richard Ireland, released on January 11, 2011.

Also in the pipeline is a Biography of his father, Richard Ireland.

Mark Ireland


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“Mark Ireland is a moving writer who reaches out from the pages of his books and emotionally connects with his readers. He speaks not only from the perspective of a father who suffered the ultimate loss but also as a man who inherited the ability to reconnect with those who have passed on.”

-Allison Dubois, the subject of the network show Medium

“In Messages from the Afterlife, Mark Ireland raises fundamental questions about the nature and fate of human consciousness. This touching, heartfelt account takes its place in the enlarging body of evidence suggesting that death is not final.”

—Larry Dossey, MD, author of One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters

“The Author’s ‘journey’ is fantastic and most of all, his absorption of the evidence and experience into his being result in, what I feel, are the correct conclusions. The fact that he speaks intelligently from his heart and soul comes across, along with the ‘feeling’ of complete honesty… but it is more than that. The summation and condensation of his philosophy is-I can only say, in admiration-outstanding.”

-Tricia J. Robertson, Honorary Secretary and former President of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research

“Not all books deliver what their titles promise; Messages from the Afterlife certainly does—and much more. The messages are there, and very impressive many of them are, as is the author’s balance between spiritual seeking and a strictly scientific approach. Fascinating reading.”

—Guy Playfair Lyon, Society for Psychical Research Council Member, Journalist, Broadcaster, and Author of If This Be Magic and Twin Telepathy

“Messages from the Afterlife is a must-read and will bring comfort and peace to thousands. Another great book from Mark Ireland.”
—John Holland, Psychic-Medium, and author of The Spirit Whisperer
“I loved this book! Raymond Moody opened the dialogue on NDEs, Brian Weiss did it for past-life memories, Michael Newton for life between lives, the Guggenheims for after-death communications, and now with Messages From the Afterlife Mark Ireland has done it for mediumship, the capacity of certain individuals to communicate with the spirits of the deceased.…”
—Jane Katra, Ph.D., Professor of Public Health, Healer, and Coauthor of Miracles of Mind and The Heart of the Mind
“A powerful story—a deep exploration of life and living. Spurred by the death of a son, Mark Ireland marshals compelling evidence of existence beyond physical death, and records how this knowledge can overcome the grief of the bereaved. It is an important exploration of science, spirituality, religion, and psychic realities.”
—John Poynton, Emeritus Professor of Biology at the University of Natal, South Africa, and President of the Society for Psychical Research
“Practical, insightful, and poignant, this book is written from the heart of a grieving parent and the brain of a pragmatic researcher. Whether you’re interested in psychic-medium abilities, evidence of life after death, or new ways to comfort your grief, Mark Ireland’s story and analysis delivers.”
—Bob Olson,
“This is the story of a man’s opening up to the world of spirits as they help him recover from the death of his son. We meet the mediums he works with and the spirits communicating through them. We listen as he does battle with materialists who dismiss his point of view with contempt. Above all, we get to know a man who wants us to recognize that we have access to a Divine Source within us and that, as he puts it, ‘another realm of being exists beyond this world of physical manifestation.’”
—Stafford Betty, Ph.D., professor of religious studies at California State University, Bakersfield, and author of The Afterlife Unveiled
Despite being the son of renowned “Psychic to the Stars,” Dr. 
Richard Ireland, Mark Ireland’s life took a more conventional path until the unexpected death of his son Brandon plunged him into the world of mediums and psychics. 
Soul Shift: 
Finding Where the Dead Go by Mark Ireland is an intimate, personal account of a father’s unbearable loss, and his journey towards a better understanding of death and an acceptance of his son’s fate.
While Mark Ireland loved his father, he chose to pursue a career in business executive shelving spiritualism in favor of a pragmatic approach to life. On the day of his son’s death, Ireland was disturbed by an ominous premonition regarding his son. With his worst fears later confirmed, Mark reentered his father’s world, intent on connecting with the realms of spirit, and consulted a number of well-known psychics including Allison Dubois, the subject of the hit show Medium. Proceeding with modest expectations, he was struck by the remarkably accurate information provided in these readings.
Soul Shift is an amazing story of psychic communication, which will bring comfort to the bereaved and cause even the most skeptical unbelievers to reconsider their assumptions. The author’s bold exploration of paranormal phenomena and evidence of life after death, and his moving attempts to contact the dead will touch many readers and change their perspectives on death forever.
This book features the detailed account of an experiment involving a secret message left behind by the author’s deceased sister. The contents of this message were unknown to any living person and remained sealed in an envelope—untouched—until responses had been received from a group of qualified mediums who sought to “crack” the code.