Morgan Garza

Morgan Garza describes herself as a wild, hungry soul with a ravenous appetite for the universe’s curiosities and cosmic magic. She laughs loudly, loves madly, dances like she’s on fire, takes risks and slays. After living abroad and traveling extensively, her soul’s purpose was revealed and she’s since committed her life to her passions–writing, travel, growth, and love. She writes to make you feel something, make you question everything, and to make you smile. The co-pilot of this rocket ship known as, she navigates the shimmering sea of possibilities by the light of her soul. 
Morgan will be a panelist at Psychic Vibes Night with George Noory and special guests on Friday evening, September 13th. This optional event, open to the public, is only $22, benefits AREI Charities, and includes readings at random for the audience from Mark Christopher Nelson and Candice Parisi. Seating is limited. Get your Psychic Vibes Night tickets here!