About the event


You will be immersed in scientifically authenticated techniques and tools for dissolving the wounds that have until now held us back from realizing the life we were born to live. You will learn the Art of High Vibration Living from some of the most extraordinary thought leaders and wisdom keepers of our time. A high frequency life is not for the select few! Learn to live in the greatest possibility of who you are now!

We will journey into the expansiveness and healing of heart coherence, intuitive intelligence, spiritual healing, emotional resiliency, and your Soul’s potential. We will uncover techniques for living in simpler, sweeter, and softer terms our optimal state of awareness, health, performance, intuition intelligence.

We assure you: you've never been to a conference quite like this because Soul Summit Scottsdale is explicitly designed to share the art of high vibration living! 

Join in stimulating conversations and bask in the fantastic company of like-minded people who hail from countries around the world.

Our lives genuinely personify more ease and grace as we live in the focus of raising our frequency and vibration for our highest good and ultimately that of the planet. We achieve clarity, well-being, ease & consistency, abiding joy and enjoy the flow of manifesting and focus on the possibilities before us.

Our outcomes reflect our focus and intent and that which we put into the field around us!

Scientific explorations in consciousness have revealed that there is life after life and that we can maintain a relationship with our loved ones and pets in the afterlife. High-frequency living deepens our connections on the other side of the veil while profoundly enhancing the lives we live on planet earth. It is our loved ones in Spirit greatest wish for us to live life fully, love ourselves completely, forgive easily, and to bask in freedom, love, magical manifesting, and abiding joy! Join us as we know and understand that our loved ones in Spirit also heal and transform with us. Oh, what joy we bring to them as they accompany us on this journey!

These are the steps we take to release the noise, grief, fear, stress, worries, and our perceived blocks while we immerse ourselves in our higher mind, our heart’s coherence and deeper intuitive intelligence.


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  • Regular exchange thereafter: $457

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You Will:

  • Discover Heart Coherence—an optimal state of awareness, health, and personal performance
  • Understand the purpose of your soul and open yourself to a guiding higher consciousness
  • Use spiritual energy to heal yourself and others, so that you can control your path
  • Discover different ways to tap into your soul to meet your soul-self
  • Experience ways to improve your emotional resiliency while disrupting stress with inner ease
  • Learn how to wake up and unlock your purpose, passion, and brilliance and become unstoppable!
  • Learn to understand and use your intuition - the language of the soul
  • Learn to live from the inside out
  • Develop a deeper understanding of how to deal with the speed of change
  • Dismantle the barriers created by your outer-self, so that you can unveil the power of your authentic inner-self
  • Experience science-based techniques to access more intuition, reduce feelings of overload, fear, and insecurity and expand your healing presence
  • Learn the alchemy of harnessing the love-vibrational energy of grief, sorrow, or depression and transmuting it into spiritual gold, resulting in alignment with your highest purpose in this lifetime
  • Discover heart Coherence—an optimal state of awareness, health, performance, and intuition intelligence
  • Learn how to maximize the “ribbon of life”Learning the four primary ways that your soul tries to get your attention
  • Understand our soul’s code and calling from the birth horoscope to reframe our biography and stories, transforming personal crisis and tragedy, as more profound initiations into soul awakenings mark the beginning of one’s path to enlightenment
  • Learn tools to release emotional and energetic blockages
  • Experience the power of Spiritual Healing for an unstoppable life
  • Learn how to communicate with your pets, and other animals, as well. AND most important, you will learn to use the insight you gain from pets to help heal yourself and others!
  • Explore proven ways to create the balance between your intellect and your emotions for greater coherence, clarity, well-being, ease & consistency in the flow
  • Learn to understand and use your intuition - the language of the soul



  • Friday Platform Demonstration Featuring Susanne Wilson, Carefree medium includes Lunch
  • Saturday: George Noory Panel: Ask the Experts, Meet & Greet, includes lunch
  • Saturday: Evening Gala Dinner Featuring George Noory & John Holland includes Dinner
  • Choose from 17, 60 - 75-minute sessions HERE!

Optional Opportunities here:

Schedule a private session with one of several carefully selected Psychic Mediums and Healers in our Intuitive Lane!

  • Thursday Night: Bridging Two Realms | An Evening of Spirit Messages w John Holland, Psychic Medium Here
  • Thursday Afternoon: Spiritual Healing w Vincent Genna, MSW, Psychic Medium, 3 hours Here
  • Friday Night: Psychic Vibes Night featuring George Noory, Tom Daneiser and your favorite Psychic Mediums for this game night, readings, prizes, fundraiser for AREI! Just $22, Open to the Pubilc! HERE!
  • Sunday Morning: New World Now, The Science of Heart-Connected Living w Howard Martin, Executive Vice President, Heartmath, 2 hours Here
  • Sunday Afternoon: Magnificent You w Suzanne Giesemann & Sanaya, 3 hours Here

Spend more time in Arizona, Bucket List items:

  • Tour the magical red rocks of Sedona and visit Native American ruins during this Sedona Red Rocks Tour from Scottsdale, full day
  • Sonoran Desert Jeep Tour, 3.5 hours
  • Visit Specialty Shops and Restaurants in Old Town Scottsdale, as long as you like

NOTE: Cancellation Policy

Cancel by June 1, 2019: Refund minus $57 cancellation fee.
Cancel between June 2, 2019, and July 15, 2019: 50% refund.
Sorry, there are no refunds or credits for cancellations after July 15, 2019. However, you may transfer your seat to a friend or donate your seat to someone in need on our wait list, by contacting us here: 602.799.1617 or email here