Ernie Jackson

After publishing two books, speaking publicly numerous times, Ernie has come to a point of saying “once you understand that we are eternal, that we continue, you have a sacred obligation to share this information with others”.  This knowledge must not only be shared, but done so while demonstrating what it is to walk in the light of love.

In 2009 the Jackson family was transformed forever when nine-year old Quinton Stone Jackson, son of Ernie and Kristine, and brother of Cheyanne transitioned in a tragic accident during the family’s annual vacation.  Everything changed when Quinton began to visit, beginning thirty hours after the accident.  Five days afterward, it pierced Ernie’s consciousness that Quinton lived on, but he immediately wondered why he hadn’t known this was possible before that very moment.  From here, his journey began in earnest, encompassing reading numerous books and speaking with many people with similar experiences.

Ten years have now passed and Ernie helps share this message as called upon, meanwhile he is beginning to find the Peace he has always sought.  He enjoys spending time with his wife of 27 years, as well as his daughter and three grandkids, and occasionally hears Quinton’s whispers.