Jeff O’Driscoll, MD

Jeff O'Driscoll, MD

As an emergency physician, I received messages that helped me care for patients. Occasionally they led me to a diagnosis I hadn’t considered. Some people, however, were simply too ill or too injured to survive. And, when a patient died, sometimes I saw their spirit—their eternal essence—leave their body. They always thanked me for my efforts. They were always grateful. Knowing how they felt about their transition helped me when friends and family members left this realm. I know they are happy.

After a quarter century of silence, I finally came to feel I should share. Many of my experiences are in my award-winning book, Not Yet. Others, I share in person. In the ER, I cared for more than 60,000 patients. As I boarded a plane to my first formal speaking engagement, a kind voice I’d come to trust, wrapped around my heart and whispered, “You will help more people with this book than you helped as a physician in the emergency department.” I was so grateful I wept.

In my darkest hours—sometimes very dark—my guides continued to teach me. When the veil was drawn back, I experienced eternity, and felt whole. Their message was simple and compelling: “Every experience is to enable you to help others.” As I visit with people, I discern their gifts. I help them find their spiritual center. Whether speaking to large groups or small workshops, or during one-on-one mentoring, I don’t give people my answers; I help them find their own. That’s why I’m here. That’s why I share.

In addition to writing and speaking, Dr. O’Driscoll offers one-on-one spiritual mentoring to help others realize their spiritual gifts and find their own answers. He also paints and sculpts. Jeff married Sheila more than thirty-three years ago. They have five children and five grandchildren.

I Exist to Help Souls Heal.