Karla Kay

Karla began her spiritual journey in 1994 when she started taking care of patients in hospice. She was by the bedside of hundreds of souls as they made their way home. Karla feels her life has been a moving meditation always being in the perfect place at the perfect time.

In 2003 Karla began to hear the message, “draw closer to God.” She listened and began to slow down and find gratitude daily.

Within six months after committing to slowing down, Karla was at the wheel of their SUV returning home from a family vacation when a tire blew causing their SUV to brutally roll several times. Everyone on the right side of the car died at the scene. Karla’s husband Brent, her youngest daughter Lindsey, and her oldest daughter’s best friend died.

Karla crossed over with her husband and daughter and was told it was not her time, she couldn’t stay; there were more things for her to do. Karla was wheeled next to her oldest daughter (Bridget’s) bedside as the doctors gave her less than a 50% chance of survival. After crossing over during surgery a few times, Karla woke up and slowly began to put the pieces of her life back together again.

She started a non-profit Safe Harbor to help families with sudden loss. She wrote a book “Grief the Universal Emotion of Loss.” She committed to and became a certified yoga teacher, Life coach and Health coach.

Karla continues to share her love of life through helping to heal others: mind, body, and spirit through yoga, reiki, life, grief and health coaching, mindfulness trainings, workshops, retreats and speaking engagements.

Karla has worked with crisis response teams, DPS officers and fire fighters bringing more education to officers who witness trauma, grief and death daily.  No coincidence that she shares her love with family including her three beautiful grandchildren and her partner who just happens to have her husband’s middle name.