My High Vibration Life!

What is a high vibe life?

A high vibration life is when we are in alignment with our Soul’s purpose, potential and power!

More specifically, a high vibration life allows us to live in a state of flow, amplified clarity, creativity and intuition, vibrant health, more loving connections with others, a deep knowing of your purpose, discernment, and a lovely resiliency to change, loss, upsets and the unknown!

Wow sounds way too good to be true!

A high vibration life is far simpler to achieve than we believe, and the rewards are beyond measure! It begins by first assuming complete responsibility for our choices and emotions. This means that we will be responsible for our words, thoughts, feelings, focus and intentions as all of them carry energy and affect the field we live in.

When we choose to activate our heart coherence and intuitive intelligence, we open to receiving what we desire and to magnetizing the answers we seek, from our Guides, Loved Ones in Spirit and Source itself. We become more and more resilient to the ups and downs life sometimes throws at us. Losses, unexpected obstacles, difficult situations and people are far less an issue than they ever were when we didn’t have anywhere to go with our feelings of frustration, pain, hopelessness, anger and stress.

First, know this: a high vibe life isn’t about the stuff on the surface! High frequency living is all about that 18” conduit between your heart and your mind. When clogged or broken by overriding thoughts of fear, frustration, anger, anxiety, imbalances in the body and in our world begin to present. Is this conduit clean? Is it clear of blocks? Is your pipeline wide open to allow you to truly feel, be, and do in alignment with your Soul?

How in the world do I know when I’m in alignment with my Soul?

You know for sure, when in any given moment you choose to pull out all the stops to feel good, no matter what. You know, when you can stop for just a moment to take a deep breath and see and feel the beauty or the gift in someone or something in that moment., even if we pull it up through our memory banks. Our heart and consciousness doesn’t know the difference. So, you break a pattern, one moment at a time and choose joy instead of fear, one breath at a time. Or you call upon your Spirit Guides, the Angels or Creator. Whatever it takes to feel good. To feel safe. To trust the moment.

You know, when you get that little flutter of love and excitement in your chest because you’ve chosen gratitude by recalling a kind word, a hug, smile, or beautiful view, when before now, you would have chosen frustration or anger at the slightest opportunity!

You know when the answers to your questions come flooding into your heart and mind so that you have clarity around right action for you! That’s a high vibe life!

You know what works for you and then you choose that. You repeat that.

You know, when you’re doing the dishes, folding laundry, late for an appointment, or dreading a conversation or meeting, that when you take just one moment to call upon the feeling of love and peace that you felt with a loved one or a pet, or you deliberately choose to feel gratitude and love for what you have, like health, sight, hearing, touch, memories, and those amazing times to come. Feeling good is the key to high vibration living because we become a major attractor point for answers, people, and experiences that complement our Soul’s Journey.

Life isn’t all roses, are you saying we should stuff & ignore negative feelings?

NO! In life we do encounter stumbles and blocks and life does serve up losses, obstacles, betrayals, rejection and those dark nights of Soul. It’s all in how we process these things that determines how we recover, heal, and find the meaning in them. It’s our job to feel the density of these times. We have to feel our feelings and feel them fully. There is no stuffing allowed. There’s no ignoring grief, sadness, anger or pain. It is our job to find perspective in them and to allow. It’s vital to our well-being, physical health, and those around us that we permit ourselves to feel our feelings fully. Be in it. Give yourself permission to feel the hurt, negativity, broken heartedness, regret, victim-hood, or whatever it is. Be a champion in identifying why you feel the way you do and feel it fully. Process it. Get it out. Surrender and when you’re ready, you will choose the emotional wellbeing that feels good again!

As Matt Kahn tells us, “what you are feeling is a healing taking place.”

Once you’ve exhausted these feelings, your Soul has a way of realigning with that clean, clear, space of love between your heart and head. Sometimes it takes a conscious choice like, “I don’t want to feel this way anymore. It takes too much energy and it’s sucking the joy out of me.” That’s when the shift occurs again. You fall forward by recalling your self-love and you surrender back into feeling good again because it takes tremendous energy to be angry, frustrated and anxiety ridden. You are allowed.

Knowing that we all have dark nights of the Soul and for each evolution, we become stronger, more self-aware, and resilient. Yes, again we find a gift in the rough spots. We come home to our heart. This is life. This is love.

Consider these times opportunities to run yourself through the wash, spin and rinse cycle of the washing machine. We come out stronger and sweeter and ready to immerse ourselves in the mindset of love, self-care, and choosing in each moment to feel the joy, whether it’s from choosing a recollection or seeing and feeling it in the moment, your heart and mind don’t know the difference. When we feel the love and joy, we attract it, because we absolutely embody and emanate it.

Here’s a very simple Quick Coherence Technique from Heartmath just to get you started to creating that crystal clear connection to a high vibe life!

As we choose joy, we become joy. Our lives change in big and amazing ways as we become what we truly want to see and be. That’s your high frequency life!

We’ll provide fun, powerful, scientifically authenticate tools and techniques for you at Soul Summit Scottsdale so you can fully embody your Soul’s true potential, power, and purpose! We’ll provide the answers and guidance you most desire.

Your tribe awaits you! Your legacy awaits you!

After you’ve embodied the tools and strategies from the Soul Summit Scottsdale, please keep us posted on the amazing changes that occur in your life, all of them! Your Soul knows. Your heart knows. You know!

See you at the Summit!