Psychic Vibes Night!

Friday, September 13, 2019, 8 – 10pm
Featuring George Noory & Tom Danheiser
$22 includes 2 raffle tickets!

Come and support AREI and join in the psychic fun!

On Friday night, George Noory and Producer Tom Danheiser have planned a fun night of Psychic Vibes that are sure to thrill. Enjoy a psychic challenge game show, hear messages from psychic mediums*, and win prizes in our fundraising raffle.

Audience members will be chosen as contestants to play a game we call “Truth or Not.” Put your psychic skills to the test as each of six panelists will tell you a story about a special item you will be shown.

Truth or Not Panel:

  • Tom Danheiser, Coast to Coast AM Producer
  • Arizona Bell, Spirit Guides Magazine
  • Morgan Garza, Spirit Guides Magazine
  • Ernie Jackson, Shining Light Parent
  • Debra Martin, Research Certified Medium
  • Michelle Clare, Evidential Medium

Will your psychic abilities let you reveal who is telling the truth about the item?

Five will fib. One speaks the truth. Win a prize if you can tell us who has the correct story!

But wait, there’s more! Super psychometrist Mark Christopher Nelson will read energies of objects from audience members at random and The Traveling Intuitive, Candice Parisi will give readings to audience members! Expect the unexpected at George Noory’s Psychic Vibes Night to benefit AREI. *

* No one is guaranteed a personal message, but listen carefully to the answers as there is something in them for everyone!